Friday, April 08, 2011

upsides to not having a working washine machine.

Yes, there are some... and I am keenly aware that there are plenty of people in the world without a washing machine nor the basic services that allow us to take these appliances as just part of every day life.

One, I am appreciative of the family and friends who washed our washing for us. I know most people have enough washing of their own to do, and I know the joys (not) of laundromats... so I am grateful and as always happy to return the favour any time when our laundry has a working machine again.

Two, I realise that the particular 'eco' powder we have at the moment while it's better for the planet, really isn't doing that much for our washing... while I don't want to change over to a non-eco powder, there's really zero point in using a washing powder that doesn't really clean the clothes... right?
I guess that's why when I didn't use powder on some loads, I didn't notice the difference... because the powder wasn't really doing much in the first place. So I need a powder that actually cleans the clothes, AND isn't the worst of the worst when it comes to it's ingredients. Ideally it needs to be grey-water friendly at the least.

Three - learning and experience. I learnt that when you pay for extended warranty, ask if it's with an extended warranty company, OR with the manufacturer. We didn't know there was a choice when we bought or machine and had I known what I know now, we would have made sure it was extended manufacturer's warranty. The game of 'ping pong' between the ext warranty company and the manufacturer, has been ridiculous. The first time the machine went loopy, it took 4 weeks to rectify.

The second time it quit working all together (just weeks after the first repair which was a new motor, circuit board, computer and door lock) and it was the same things that shorted out again. This time we're coming up to three weeks and still have no washing machine. This Monday coming it will be two weeks since the tech came out and gave his quote, and one week since the company/ies decided to replace the machine and still it's not here. [hoping to trigger Murphy's Law]

Four. The other thing I learnt is that while I can handwash for 6people while camping, including nappies, the reason this doesn't work at home is that we use far more things at home than we do camping... so again downsizing even more to just what we need (as we have been doing for a while now) and passing on the rest to someone who doesn't have, is a good move several times over. So that comes back into play with Operation June and Project Simplify.

Thankyou to those friends and MIL who let our washing come visit your laundry, and come home clean and fresh!

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