Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Days like today

Simple productivity. Multi-tasking in action. After the morning School/Kindy run, the small errands list it's home and 'into it'... Lots of 'stations' round the kitchen - the cutting, the flour and dough rolling, the 'hot tray', the 'cooling racks' etc but I LOVE it. Of course there's the little patch on the bench that's all for Quinn - with his own flour, rolling pin, dough and toppings. He gets to do what he likes with his dough, and I know that none of what I'm making has had his fingers in it! Here's a roll of pics to kinda sum it up...

Jake's shortbread, for Market Day

IKEA kids apron - much better fit lol as the others are too long for me
I am 'blunt', as my Dad says.

just an example of one benchtop with the next batches of pizza, more oat bisctuis
and the gingerbreads yet to come ...

dough for pizzas x 3 batches for 36 pizzas

one imperfect gingerbread posing for the pic.

Bumgenius in the breeze 'n' sunshine and being thankful for friends and MIL who let you use their laundry
when your machine is out of action - AGAIN!

pizzas for Market Day

running nuts - more strawberry plants

the afternoon 'shift' results (some lay in the morning, others later)

ANZAC/oat biscuits for Market Day

grow grow grow red lettuce!

finally, colour change

gettin' bigger!

so nice. *contentment for today* Mostly. It's good to have a day where there are more satisfying moments in it than not. When you do several things that are in your 'line' of thinking, where you want to be and that's what most of the day comprises. Now... if only the rest of the house and my life was like this, I'd be blissed out all week! LOL


Niki said...

Now that looks like a beautiful day.
I love all your baking & garden bounty.
we just got some fresh beetroot from the vegie patch, so I am going to do a feta & beetroot salad tomorrow. I had already started todays dinner, so tomorrow it is.
I spent the day in the kitchen too, cleaning, purging & chopping the fruit & vegetables for the week.
I love it too.

Kristy said...

oh yum Niki - you have to post your beet and fetta (mmm fetta) salad pics! As well as how you use/pickle/keep your beets.

Sounds like a lovely productive morning in your kitchen too *thumbs up* It's a good feeling eh!

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