Saturday, March 12, 2011

Operation June and Project Simplify.

What? Another project/thingy going? mmm well maybe it sounds silly but I think 'Project Simplify' will actually get Operation June flowing along. Except I can't do the Master closet as they say, because Master Quinn is asleep in there (the bedroom, not the 'closet').

Anyhoo... that would just be procrastination if I let that stop me, right? There's still the desk to do for starters where I am sitting. A pile of sewing waiting for me... oh not to mention we (DH mostly, I just assisted here and there) just undid the boys' bunk beds and they now have two single beds in there. Just the beds. that's it. and nothing is going back in that room until it's been through the 'culling machine' aka me. Perfect opportunity, right? And with my littlest helper snoozing, right? so what am I waiting for. Off to do.

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