Sunday, April 03, 2011

and then there were four

Where it started - Bathtub Beds
the beginning - setup and planting
progress pic barely 3 weeks later + unexpected bonus
A third photo just five days later

So here's where we are now. Yesterday, we put in two more bathtub beds. From this pic, you can see the booming tomato (mostly) bed was moved to be long ways running left to right in the pic and the 'new' bath tub bed put in it's place (the middle bathtub in the upside down L shape).

This is that new bed, with mostly lettuces and salad stuff in it.

We also put one small bathtub inbetween the Valencia Orange and the Locut on the left of the pic below. Again mostly salad stuff, silverbeet, spinach, and some herbs.

Where the drain outlet is on this bath, I dub a hole and put an empty plant pot. It means it 'catches' the water and diverts it into the ground, rather than the water running along the top (because in the middle in that spot it is just sand, rather than soil). Ideally I would have liked to put an 'elbow' join at the end of the drain and rain some pipe straight across to the citrus but we didn't have any handy, I didn't have money to spend on new stuff and the end result is still similar - the run-off from the bathtub goes into the ground and I think the citrus will still benefit as it's root system grows.

So now we just fill the gaps - with pots, small corner spa-turned-vege-spot lol - whatever we can find that is plant-out-able.

And just for fun, here's our tomato plants just three weeks after planting them out as small seedlings... the plants themselves smell GREAT (real), are very healthy and getting taller and taller (but as yet are not staked, as I prefer not to but we'll see... DH wants to stake them)

and I am looking forward to the first taste of this lot of tomato! Separately, we haven't had any luck with our rather large passionfruit vines. Flowers, yes but then nothing. I'm thinking either the rats are eating the flowers before they can mature (because they're not even getting to 'fruit' at all) OR there's something else going on. I keep meaning to get out there with a paintbrush and 'tickle' from flower to flower as I've been told about but always forget and then the flowers just disappear. Any ideas welcome.

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