Friday, March 11, 2011

eta I felt I should add in here as it was initially a 'pic only' post. This day when I posted was Brenna's EDD. The day (or thereabouts) that she should have been born had she lived and been born at 'term'. I would have settled for not even 'term' if she could have lived. That aside... These are 5 lovely little babes that my friend Miss C had made by the lovely D, for us when Quinn was born - one to represent each of our babies. The candle is a beeswax candle kit - lay out, add wick, roll. done. So I just wanted something simple to post on Brenna's edd, and this was spot on. xo Nice work D and Miss C xo


Niki said...

That is adorable. At first I hoped they were little dolls you made, I was going to order one, but they are icing, no, is it a candle. Anyways it is beautiful.
How is Op-June going?
On the sheets, Deaarn snavelled them to give to her church to help out an African couple new to the area. Alot of my stuff has been going there including my cot & change table. Feels good to help out, but a little sad too.
Anyhow I will keep you mind when I get to the kids linen. I love home baked goods-mmm too much actually. Ha.

Kristy said...

Heya Niki

They're little dolls, yes... made for us by a friend of mine when Quinn was born - one for each of our babes. The candle is a simple beeswax kit - put wick in roll up candle lol that I made the other day.

Op-June... it's getting there. Planning to K some more A this weekend tho. I think I might hit the Master Bedroom BIR... I *know* there's stuff I never wear.

NW re the sheets - and you're right it does feel good :) and it's a good thing. Needs to be more of it.


Kristy said...

eta prob my fault I didn't put any text with the pic huh! It was Brenna's EDD yesterday and I wanted to put something but not a 'lot' in terms of text. Hence the pic. Summed it up :)

MrLesley said...

So gorgeous Kristy :D

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