Sunday, February 20, 2011

THIS I need to do

Over at IHeart Organising, exactly what I need to do is happening. Especially this as I have a drawer full of photos accumulated from the time before digital, where there was only film, and I didn't have enough albums to put my photos in right away. Silly me. If you've not yet started printing pics make sure you have albums or frames before you do! (well... mostly lol I still think that a special pic can be printed and blue takked or magneted up but maybe that's what got me into a drawer-ful in the first place eh!)

Anyway (see why I distract myself!) the little 'holders' for photos would be good to sort everything (and it can still be packed away quickly if needed) until you have every printed pic sorted, then you can album them. I guess it doesn't need to be plastic thingos either - could be just large envlopes or paper protectors (they're clear at least so you can see easily into them with or without a label)... anyway. It needs doing.

As do the five baby albums waiting to be finished. I even printed off all the pics I needed for Zeke's album but they're in 'that safe place' and I can't find them. So I kinda halted after that. Maybe I should just bite the bikkie and print them again and get on with it. So ... maybe making one night a week 'album night' would work... wdyt?

That said, the more 'stuff' you have the more 'stuff' you seem to need to organise your 'stuff'... so I am trying to be aware of that balanced with that I already HAVE all these pics and I don't want them sitting completely disorganised in a drawer for another 15 years... (!) I guess the bottom line is to just git in there and do it! right? I want to have some fab before and after pics and the 'skippedy-do-dah' feeling that comes with it :)

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Tricia said...

Looks like a great project. I can so relate to "the more 'stuff' you have the more 'stuff' you seem to need to organise your 'stuff'.." We were planning loads of new shelves and storage, but instead have taken the approach of getting rid of stuff so that we don't need the storage. It's been hard. But I am loving the empty spaces i've been finding.

Photos are hard. I think one day I might invest in a digital photo frame or two.

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