Saturday, February 19, 2011


mini-quiche for lunchboxes - must have a sufficient amount of flour on the bottom of the muffin tins so they don't stick - if you're not going to be bothered putting baking paper in the bottom, that is. For the edges I just tore the baking paper in strips, and then in half again to fit round the inside of the muffin tin. no... not exact but it works. A little butter to stick the baking paper to the inside of the tin. One say I'll get around to having a 'pre-cut' stock of various circles for the bottom of my cupcake and cake tins.

Actually... there's a thought. Why not use cupcake papers just to line the muffin tray... silly me!

Anyway, here's the standard and mini quiches almost ready for the egg/spring onion/chive/milk mix to be poured over. I start with this quiche lorraine recipe but pretty much do whatever with the filling.

these ones had fresh-cut-from-cob corn kernels, spring onion and chives from the garden, spinach and capsi from the market grocer near us (locally grown), salt, pepper, (plenty of home-grown) eggs, milk, nutmeg, bush spices, colby cheese. I do like to fry up some onions and silverside (or bacon) but meh couldn't be fezzled and it's warm enough already today. The oven is good and keeps a lot of the heat in the oven (which it's meant to but ykwim) but stovetop just shares the heat with the room.

roast herbed chicken drumsticks for dinner since the oven was already going and the chicken drumsticks were thawed in the fridge ready to go. Here's the mini-quiches fresh out of the oven.

Brooke made Honey Snaps from the tried and true 'Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuits' book. Oh and made Crunchy Chicken drumsticks with avacado-sweetcorn dip mmm ... found the other day via EB and made it and mmm so. darn. yummy. Tomorrow's baking list is long but it will keep the lunchboxes full this week!

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Jen said...

Yum! Those look so good!!

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