Sunday, February 20, 2011

FYS and JDI and b&a pics

not enough acronyms in your world? Here's a few more then! Tonight is FYS - 'feed your self' (there's quiche, chicken, salad etc in the fridge, + toast and fruit - they'll be fine, completely no need to cook more food 'just because') and JDI 'just do it' night. Because I said. And yes I did just start one sentence with 'because' and another with 'and'. 'kay? Oh and 'b&a' well I have some 'before and after' pics to share because it's other people's before and after pics that get me motivated!

Courtesy of Niki's reminder (thanks Niki!), and a few blog posts I came across while procrastinating (this one just to pick one), I reminded myself nothing ever got sorted nor organised by (just) looking at other people's efforts. I need to do mine. The fairy won't. So some before and after pics and in the line they came in. Accompanied by a stiff ice cold glass of lemon cordial (which I forgot to drink) and some resolve to at least finish this task tonight...

I emptied one tub from the bottom of the 'bulk pantry' (old linen cupboard in former life) that was holding Wilton shaped and 3D baking pans.

This pic was taken after the pans were packaged up with their accompanying instructions, labelled and boxed ready to be returned to their owner. That left me with an empty tub. Into which went my reorganised (well, partly, it still needs refining) craft stuff that was previously held in a broken Tupperware container and an old fruit box (yay Carnarvon) and an old biscuit box and an old... (you get the idea)... which I might add the cardstock my lovely DD1 kindly sorted into 'colours' for me in an old 'expanda' type file. Not that you can tell in this pic but she did, thankyou Brooke! Anyway, back on topic... here's the rough 'before' (with a few more bits added in after) and not including my stamps which had somehow managed to ALL escape their zippy bags (hmmm)...

Yep, storage aint fancy round here. So the above pile of 'stuff' turned into this
laid out on the table first. In the tub already is my A4 cardstock and smaller in an expanda file thing, and my stamps in layers of zip thingies. From right to left here at the back is my scallop punch, mounting board/tape and double sided tape, then next is the large pack of cardstock that doesn't fit in the expanda file thingy. The ziplock bag is what one set of large carstock came in so I just bundled it all in there. It will be sorted better later... somehow. Then to the right of that is the old biscuit tin which has assorted bits and pieces in it.

Front/bottom row from right is what's left of my glitters (think innovative child and bunk beds and a fan... yep... we had a sparkly house for a long time), to the right of that is some leftover magnets from our wedding invites (the ones that were too dark and needed to be reprinted) that get used for LOTS of things (sticking to the back of invites for one, and fridgelists for another), then inks, kindyglits (can't remember it's new name) etc. It's not the biggest card/making collection but it works for me and if you have a card making night you can share resources, ideas and nibblies with mates. I don't drink but if you do save the wine for AFTER you've made your cards... otherwise you get stuff that looks very wobbly in the cold light of the next morning!

ready to layer into to

the tub with the expanda file thingy, and my stamps neatly laid out in the clear zipper thingos people use for documents which we use for jigsaw puzzles here ... and crafting stamps. Here the stamps are a couple of 'layers' deep and the good thing is you just pull out each 'zipper bag' until you find the stamp you want, rather than shuffling through them loose. eta I was told never to store stamps on plastic so there's a layer of card or paper on the 'bottom' of each zippy envelope thing... anyway let the layering begin... the stuff on the table fit perfectly into the tub, on top of the stamps... first the little biscuit tin with assorted things in

then the last layers of large cardstock in the big snaplock bag that one set came in, which I have yet to organise, then on top that (there's a pic missing here) as below, the things I use most - my scallop punch, mounting tape and double sided tape.

accessable, organised and far far better and with an empty TW container on top that I can take now and get replaced under the guarantee (it was put into service for craft because I never got around to getting it replaced but now I do my replacements regularly).

Not to mention harder for creepies to get in and make a mess... & if I was ever going to a card making night at someone's place I wouldn't have to juggle a disintegrating box + container + other bits scattered round the place.

On top of the yippee of having an organised craft box, a spare TW container, getting rid of a broken banana box, returning and rehoming other items... today's little burst of organising meant I could fit the water in the bottom of the bulk pantry as part of our 'Be Prepared Challenge'. I don't particularly support bottled water BUT we don't have a rainwater tank just yet, so this is our supply if needed.

The tub that held the cake tins was on the left, and on the right was a tub with insulated lunch bags... which was only a third full and of bags we really didn't use much at that. The lunch bags were sorted (keep/toss/ GSI) and the ones we would use put in the pullout pantry in the kitchen - can't forget they are there, easily accessible. So with both the tubs sorted and rehomed, there's a spot for the water now.

oh the craft stuff, where was it stored before..? Well ... in another spot that still only has a 'before' photo to show... so that will wait for another post - and it's a truly 'before' post. *grin*


Niki said...

Well done love, looking good.
I must get my butt into gear and do some before & after photos too.
I am on a roll & the hubster is even taking a couple of days off next week to get some projects done. yeehar.

Kristy said...

Thanks Niki :)

Looking forward to your pics esp after next week :)

Eta today is my first day in two years that I don't have 4 half-day pickups and 5 full-day pickups... instead... I have all full-day pickups. Holy snot! I better make the most of it! :)


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