Sunday, February 06, 2011

Quinn's 2nd Birthday - Party Bags & mini-star-focaccia

Following from the bunting and toppers, these are the 'toot toot' and 'two toot' biscuits set out on the table. The little table tags for the biscuits were also made out of the offcuts from the invitations, and the font is CK Jot, a free download. It was a very windy (but pleasant) day, so the tape came out of the bag... lots! I make it a standard these days to take tape and extra 'hardware' with me - you just never know!

Being that it's a party for littler people (although I do bags for siblings too) here's what simple things went in the bags.
  • a 'two toot' gingerbread biscuit using a '2' biscuit cutter
  • a 'toot toot' shortbread biscuits, sugar-topped (although I did forget to sugar top one batch of biscuits which is of course the batch in the pics lol). The train cutter is very cute and I can see us using it lots more yet! All in together in a self seal cello bag - means they stay fresh AND it doesn't matter what other things go in the bag because nothing touches the food.
  • a Jake-created teeny paper aeroplane in each bag (Quinn loves paper aeroplanes). Jake made several dozen of these and you can see in the second pic just how small they are

  • bubbles with simple printed wrappers (thanks Brooke for cutting out and sticking all those on!).

  • in a red paper bag with the name tag to match the invites.

Simple. sweet. sweeeeeeeeet.
I've found something really cool to put in Zeke's party bags this year. They've been ordered and are sitting patiently in the cupboard waiting.

The focaccia dough I put in the breadmaker at 5, and it was ready to rock a little later in the morning (yay for breadmakers that do dough). Michael put them together, a little tomato pasta sauce + grated cheese...

oh and humoured his wife who had planned to cut little star shapes out of capsicum to put on the top... they turned out well and tasted great!

more to come

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