Monday, February 21, 2011

can you really register the terms they have 'URBAN HOMESTEAD®' and 'URBAN HOMESTEADING®'? and not only that, when you use the terms you're meant to note that the term is a protected trademark of Dervaes Institute somewhere in close proximity. Some opinions expressed here and more links further down in the post.

Seriously? ...especially when it's a term that's in everyday use, and has been in use since long before someone decided the term was theirs? It's about the same as trademaking the terms they suggest you use instead such as 'modern homesteading,’ ‘urban sustainability projects,’ and the like... maybe those terms are up for grabs too then? That's how 'everyday' the terms they have been granted trademark for, are. You can use 'their' terms or those terms just listed, and no one would blink an eye, until now. Someone decided those terms belonged to them. Even though they weren't the first to use them. There's even been a book published by that name and several other publications before their little unfolding happened.

The uproar this has generated is immense. If the aim was to 'protect the term from being used by evil' (as has been suggested ie protect the term from being used by corporations incorrectly and misleading consumers in the name of the dollar) then there are other ways to do it without impinging on the very people who in good faith participate in the movement that the term describes.

Not only that, consumers aren't all dumb. A little bit of research and the truth comes to light and as has been seen, if a company or anyone really puts a bee in the bonnet of the Community the term represents, they'll be on the 'no go' list for a very long time. So if any company dared use the term in bad faith, they'd soon find out about consumer power.

Add to that, I would be very interested to read the fine print in the US registration process, assessment process etc and the reasoning behind the people/department who approved the application in the first place. Seriously. Is the legal grounds behind the decision, sound? I'd be really interested to read more on that.

Anyhoo, some links...

Asking the question
I am...

and as a completely nitty gritty and ridiculous, does the little R in a circle need to be in the internet web references, as well then?

too much food for thought methinks. Please don't let Au copy this one. Completely 'huh?'

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