Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh dear... ~extremely~ goodness! YUM!

Well, after we made the crunchy chicken strips again (as I found avacado on special and I've bearely tasted it twice in my life) I had some Greek style yoghurt (I think it's the first time I've bought that) leftover from the avacado-sweetcorn dip that goes with it and came across this recipe (originally from on a blog. Excellent. Great way to use up the yoghurt. It's the second time we've made the chicken strips but no pics lol it was cook cook go go then they were eaten. Just like that. Even Master 'I-don't-want-dinner' loved them :) but no dip next time please Mum. ok.

Anyway, so this recipe. Well, I bought three peaches specially. I knew someone would eat one. Don't you just know that's going to happen? The recipe calls for two. I put three in the fridge and when everyone had gone to school and work (except my littlest curly-blond-haired helper), and a little later in the day I opened the fridge and there you go, two peaches. lol The bigger two kids usually make their own lunches but today I made all the lunches except DH... culprit? lol. Usually I leave a little note on the item that says 'for the recipe - do not eat' and this is exactly why.

Anyhoo. To the recipe. Divine Peach & Yoghurt Muffins/Cake

What can I say. The finished product, which I made in muffin cases, and then with what was left, a small heart shape tin (it does make a fair bit of mix)... tastes like... well,
kinda like apple pie
but peaches not apples
and cake not pie.
Make sense? Better said - YUM!

and because I finished eating the first one forgetting that I wanted to take a pic of the inside I just ~had~ to try a second one... to see if it was as yummy as the first one, you understand and so I got the 'inside' pic. No dusting of icing sugar, no pomp and ceremony. It came out of the wrapper easy peasy and just as easy mmm into my mouth!

Just to add, one of the peaches was a little underripe but this didn't reflect negatively in the tasting. A riper sweeter peach may have added even more mmmmm to the end result though!
So it's a good way to make the Crunchy Chicken Strips AND make something with the leftover yoghurt. oh but how GOOD would this be with our homegrown Angel peaches in...

So ... yummy Divine Peach & Yoghurt Muffins for afternoon tea for special people for afternoon tea *wink* and ...

Divine Peach & Yoghurt Cake with icing sugar, sliced, for dessert for tonight. Imagine this with fresh whipped cream and strawberries on top... oh stop it! LOL


Lola said...

They look soooo yummy. Would love to come over for afternnon tea.

Lola said...

They look sooo yummy. Would love to come over for afternoon tea but I think they might be a bit cold by the time i arrived.

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