Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Operation June'

Well. It's on. I think. 'Operation June' is commencing.

I have given myself until June to finish incomplete projects, clear out neglected areas that have accumulated 'stuff', streamline and declutter, organise... and start & finish projects that otherwise need doing... because I may just be back at UNI in second semester to finish my degree... which means I'll either need to be extremely organised and have the house running (almost) itself, or I'll need a good dose of the loopies to make it through.

So I've been off blog hunting for inspiration and compiling mind-lists that will make it to paper and then get lovely red ticks next to them as the tasks are completed. I hope - no - no hoping, that's what's happening. As I go, if I am game enough to share the before and after pics, I will lol. Any other projects along the way will get the same deal. Somewhere in there I also need to work out where I'll set up the 'study'... it needs to have a door that can be closed, a way to connect to the net and I need to source a laptop. It also needs storage for books/notes/text etc and needs to not interfere with the runnings of the house too much... working out where to set that up will be a challenge in itself... I was just eyeing off the laundry benchtop lol

But then I came across yet another great 'closet-desk' they call it... and maybe just maybe in our room it could work. We have one entire wall as a built in robe and it's definately not being used to it's best advantage - truth be told it's on the 'Operation June' list so mebbe it could work AND could be done for almost nothing if I keep my eyes open/checking Freecycle etc. I really didn't want to put the 'study' in our room but at least this way the door can be closed on it... and then it's like it's not even there... (?)
Wish me luck and feel free to join 'Operation June' if you like! If you're lacking inspiration just head outside and watch some ants, or chooks, or birds... no laziness, no procrastination, just 'gettin' it done'. Here's the OPERATION JUNE page, so I can keep track. You may want to start your own list to help you clear the clutter in your brain, and work out what you want to achieve and how you'll get there.

oh and we made this 'Valentine's pizza' the other night. I didn't take any pics, but it was cute cutting out the little hearts from silverside.


Niki said...

Count me into "Operation June".
Remember how we did the KA till Xmas thing, well this year I DID NOT pull it off & I have finally worked out those months leading up to Xmas are not the time to be doing anyway, because it is just so busy with kids events, Xmas planing & shopping & making & sports activies. I had decided that I wanted to be full organised by mid year, that way I could spend the second half Zooshing & enjoying all the lovely spring weather & get out into my garden rather snowed under after winter in my house. SUCH a good idea.
I am with you & i might post my before June list on a blog post soon.

Kristy said...

lol 'zooshing' :)

Nice to have an 'OpJune' partner! Not sure if I am game enough to blog my 'list' but we'll see. The main thing though is now I have a focus/aim whatever, to get it done... and thinking outside the 'dollar' along the way (ie minimal budget).

Looking forward to swapping progress!

Lesley said...

I think I'm in - money might be an issue, but I'll see how I can go - so do we have a plan of attack lol!!

Kristy said...

Woot Lesley's in! Ditto on the money side of things btw - mine's all got to be accomplished on an almost zero budget, being thrifty, repurposing, freecycle, the local Council recycle centres and trades with friends/family...

What did someone say somewhere I read?... if you don't make steps to achieve your goal well then it's just a dream? Well that.

Ready to rock! *wink*

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