Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the theme of it all...

In the theme of it all - the 'Operation June', that it's still a fairly fresh new year and just because - the blog has gottten a fresh coat of paint. So just ironing out the niggles and if there's something not quite sitting straight, bang me a note with the level and we'll sort it out!


Niki said...

Ok, Boss what's our first assignment.
I have just re-arranged the kitchen cupboards to work better for me.
eagerly awaiting my mission,

Kristy said...

lol Niki no no no - you are your boss! *wink*

Besides that if I add being the task master to my list I may never get anywhere lol

mmm ideas though? stand in the room, close your eyes spin round in a circle count to ten and point your finger out... when you get to 'ten', stop, open your eyes and start there. If you land on a person or a 'nothing' spot, either procrastinate and go again (haha) or choose the closest thing to it that ~does~ need doing.

otherwise walk into a room and start on the left and work your way clockwise.

Start with the thing or space that annnoys/frustrates (etc) you most...

That help? *grin*

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