Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who needs a bike when...

who needs a bike when you have a 12pk of toilet rolls?!
Quinn and his brothers had spun around a few too many times on the computer chair and Quinn threw up... yes, joy. So this is while I was getting him clean clothes, mopping the floor and washing down the computer chair... apparently you can scoot around quite well on a 12pk of toilet rolls, especially when playing 'chase/where are you' with said brothers!

Quinn was fine afterwards... he'll need breakfast soon again though! Poor little man. I guess now they know that I'm not kidding when I say someone will be sick if you spin around too much... first time for everything! And just what you need in the morning before the school run begins :) Enjoy your day all!
Toilet rolls by Safe, nappy by Bumgenius. See Nurture Nappies in Australia. Little blondie Quinn an original creation.


Ellie Tat said...

Your toilet rolls are still in the packet? How did you manage that? Give my kids toilet paper and you'll have it flying around everywhere in no time.

Kristy said...

Hello fellow-clothie-traveller :)

How come the rolls are still in the pack? LOL because we bought 6x 12pks, two got opened, 4 away and these were the two that Master 18mths discovered ;) shortly before the pic was taken. Don't worry, once the novelty of driving the 12pk round wore off, he'd be back to getting into the pack just like normal :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! That's a great shot. It made me smile :)

I can just imagine my nephews and nieces doing the same thing if they had half a chance.

Gotta love kids' imaginations. Something for us adults to aspire to :)

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