Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christmas by the 1st Dec...

before that, here's this morning's bread. Dough done in the breadmaker (I used to do by hand but 'cheat' these days most of the time!), then not feeling too flash I was lucky enough to go to bed for a few hours. Doesn't happen often but am pleased I did. Woke up, kneaded out the dough, formed and into the tin and oven. Here 'tis. Wholemeal. mmm

Thankfully, poor Jake is almost over his nasty bout of (confirmed via swab) Chicken pox that had us twice up at PMH (before we knew what it was) bc he had other symptoms that were worrying. The vacc wasn't on the schedule when he was younger. Brooke has had them a year or two ago, and the two smaller boys have had the cpox vacc... what puzzles us is that when cpox went through school 4 odd weeks ago, we thought all three boys got a mild dose of it... yay for healing up well, Jake and adious to those nasty blisters!

Now... to Christmas. FLYlady's 'Cruisn' Through the Holidays' is something I did... a couple of Christmases ago. By the 1st Dec everything except the last minute perishables was ready. Brilliant. I'm not one usually to get worked up and stressed out anyway but boy was it a smooth sailing Holiday season that year. Loved it. So I pulled out the Holiday CJ today and had a flick through. I wrote last time in pencil, so most of it I can keep (traditions, menu that was a success etc) the rest (things we want to do differently, gift lists etc) I can just rub out and write the new ones in :) Think it's too early to start planning Christmas? Well just imagine being 'done' with all your planning and most of the practical stuff, by the 1st Dec... how good does that sound? ;)

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