Sunday, October 17, 2010

a new recipe for choc chip biscuits

After spotting this recipe 'The Most Amazing Choc Chip Cookies Ever' (after linking to a link to a link about something else) I did try it and thought I'd share...

the first time I made them I didn't have brown sugar, and was a little low on the chocolate. They turned out ok. The second time, I did have brown sugar and chocolate but not my preferred cooking choc. They turned out better but not quite 'right' so this next time, I'll be using the dark choc chips and milk Fairtrade choc.

One thing I will say is that the recipe makes a good quantity for our household. Most average biscuit recipes only make 1-2 doz and that's just inhaled here... so this recipe makes enough to eat them warm from the oven, some for the week/to share with friends and some for the freezer... works for me.
Thought I'd share some pics to get you thinking about chocolate chip biscuits LOL helpful eh!

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