Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a belly-filling read!

We’re getting all thing-ey for this year’s Spring Fair & Open Day . . .

SUNDAY 24th Oct!

10am - 3pm

West Coast Steiner School

Mayfair Street


There will be Things of Wood and Stone

Rock aficionados and crystal lovers will be delighted to know that Spring Fair veteran stallholder Frank Phillips and wife Rene will once again be offering their wares at this year’s Spring Fair & Open Day. Frank has been scouring the Earth’s surface (and sub-surface) for specimens for his stall, and Rene will be at his side as usual with a tantalizing array of bric a brac for the up-cyclers. (We know you’re out there.)

Nearby, under the trees, Greg Miller will be offering his ‘Joy of Wood’ woodworking activities, for lovers of wood and lovers of wood to-be. A professional woodworker with a passion for traditional wood working tools and hand skills, Greg is also an experienced youth and community worker and loves working with people. Let your ears lead you there, via the clatter and hum of busy kids of all ages creating masterpieces out of their imagination and recycled bits of timber.

Things We Have Made

Felt feels so good, as we all know, and it is more blessed to give than to receive, so come quickly to the School Craft Stall, succumb to your tactile senses and buy all your end of year gifts in one go.

Things We Have Grown

The greener- thumbed members of the community have been sowing, encouraging and otherwise propagating all kinds of seeds and cuttings and there will be flowers and trees and vegetables and other things to buy as a result of their efforts.

Things to Eat & Drink

Apologies in advance to anybody who had primed their tastebuds for pizza this year. We have pondered the idea of the wood-fired pizza deeply for some time now, and concluded that it would be wiser to hone our pizza-making skills before a smaller audience. So, stand by for wood-fired pizza sometime early next year, at the Celtic Dance, perhaps, and then the Café Rudolf Wood-Fired Pizzeria at the 2011 Spring Fair & Open Day.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty to eat. We have upped the sausage order (yet again) and there will be options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Bring your appetite.

Espresso coffee, freshly-brewed tea, just-squeezed fruit juices and frozen fruit sorbets will be on offer, as well as home-brewed ginger beer and lots and lots of lovely cakes.

Pretty Things

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us” Iris Murdoch, 20thC novelist & philosopher

Flowers, of course, are the epitome of Springtime. Pick some daisies - or whatever you have around your garden, or growing in the vacant block up the street - bunch them together and tie them up with a little piece of string. Put them in a glass jar with some water and bring them to the Spring Fair on the day. If there’s enough we’ll have a Flower Stall, and if not, well at least we can go a little bit mad with joy.

Furry Things

By popular demand, the camels, ponies and baby animals will be there for riding (the former) and cuddling (the latter.)

Everything You Could Ever Wish For

You will surely find in the school’s own shop, Golden Threads.

When you’re starting to Feel All Thing-ed Out

The gals at the School Feelgood Stall will help to make you feel better, with massage, iridology and The Liquid Crystals. (It’s a modality, not a new age music group!)

Fun Things To Do

Facepainting, Fishing, knocking down Coconuts and blowing very, very big bubbles. Learning how to make a simple cloth puppet, and using it to bring a story to life, with our very own puppet maestro and handcraft wizard Carolin Loos.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Like lazing under the shade in the Storytelling Tent, listening to Jesse the Windwanderer, as he transports you to other worlds. You can even bring your own cushion, if you fancy.

Important Things You Need To Know

The Spring Fair & Open Day is on Sunday 24th October, from 10am to 3pm.

Please don’t park in the Staff Carpark, on the verges or anywhere else that you wouldn’t normally park. There’s plenty of parking space available at the shopping centre on Nollamara Avenue, so plan to be early, drop off any heavy items at school first and then park at the shops. There will be two temporary ‘Accessible’ parking spaces for disabled, in the corner of the staff carpark.

Please, please, please DO NOT park across the access driveway to the school oval, off Myimbar Way, at the back of the school. We need to keep this access way clear for safety reasons, and for the camels, ponies and baby animals to also enter the school grounds.

Things to Bring

A hat. Some sunscreen. Cash.

Almost every other need will be accommodated for in some way.

The Main Thing

The purpose of the Spring Fair & Open Day is to come together to celebrate Spring and our Steiner School Community. It’s a day where we all get to ‘Show, Share & Shine’. With our open classrooms, kindys and playgroup, and class performances, we show our beautiful school, and the beautiful work of our beautiful children and beautiful teachers, to each other and the rest of the world. Together, we share the fun, the food and the warmth of our community. When we do that, we shine a light on Steiner Education, for all to see.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

If you see something that could be done better, or faster, or in need of fixing or shining up, then please help out and fix it, or lend a hand and share the load.

Spring Fair & Open Day is here!

[reprinted with permission]

update: pics from the day here

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