Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I like to bake/make to say thanks. Since spending a bit of time on various blogs, I've come up with different parcelling ideas, rather than the usual cello gathered at the top, or paper bags with a name on the front and a note - which work very well and can still look lovely. I was just on the hunt for a new way to package and make people smile :)
These two this morning, fresh gingerbread. I did go back and put a white backing behind the pink gingham on the tag. Backing paper to match and self seal cello bags.

The scallop circle punch used in the pic below I got via Ebay after seeing it used on quite a few blogs including this one and that it seems to be the preferred backing for cup cake toppers like this - as just one example.. so I thought I'd make my own. I also want to do tags and toppers for the children's birthday parties so I figured this will pay for itself in DIY quickly, as opposed to buying toppers etc which isn't an option esp long term.

For the green/yellow I used feather-paper (it's similar to rice paper I think) and plain paper, then inked round the edges of the plain for random colour. The text on the pink is CK Jot front and the text on the pink is CK Ali's Hand font (free downloads at those links) for the name and CK Jot again for the ingredients... found via the same blog as above. Yep, I need to get a circle punch and I need to refine the colours/patterns combination on the tags but that's ok... all in time and experimenting~! I hope the recipients enjoyed them.


livingasherby said...

Baking / making to say thanks is such a beautiful idea. Really meaningful.

I love the way you presented the gingebread man. If I were on the receiving end I'd be pretty stoked.

I hope you don't mind my adopting your ideas (not copying, just adopting)

Kristy said...

go for it, and thankyou :)

I really enjoy the idea sharing that goes on in blogland. Certainly adds variety to life!

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