Monday, October 25, 2010

Glimpses of the Open Day & Spring Fair

Glimpses of the Open Day & Spring Fair, West Coast Steiner School, 24th October 2010, Western Australia (WA).

One of the things I realised I didn't do, was take photos of some of the work in the Primary Classes. I did get a couple but nowhere near enough to showcase the wonderful skills the children learn and the amazing work the children produce. Some of it would truly blow your mind and the appreciation for what and how the children learn, is evidenced in it clearly. Note to self, next opportunity... in the meantime...

oh before the pics... have to mention the strawberry sorbet stand (well, they had more than strawberry sorbets) mmmm they were rather addictive I have to say and *ahem* I had more than a couple!

Just a few of the attractions on offer...

Playgroup nature/seasonal display


Inside one of the new Kindergartens

baby's handmade mobile

handstitched cushion

Boat built by Class 6. Every day as we went to school we saw how they were bending the timber to the shape using wetting and weighting technique.

Hand made mobile

felt bunting

bathtub veges waiting to sprout

wool - all the colours of the rainbow


wooden truck

Golden Threads - School Shop.

School Shirts
for the colour for each day

Wax work - beeswax figures. These figures are tiny... they are lucky to be any bigger than a ten cent piece... I wish I had noticed the photo was blurry, and I ought to have included a 'scale' object for size comparison.

Hand made scales in Class Three - yes, you can weigh children on this set!

handmade animals
Class Three board in the classroom

At Cafe Rudolf

Class Three craft projects

At Cafe Rudolf

Just a glimpse...

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos ... all those colours and that bright cheer :)

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