Wednesday, October 06, 2010

oooh what have we here..?

very 'citing! We noticed our first flowers on our apple trees the other day... we have two Pinkerbelle (dwarf Pink Lady, small tree full size fruit) and a Granny Smith. The latter has lots of shoots on but yet to flower... anyway, there are pink flowers at the top on one of the Pinkerbelle's, and then white ones further down... not sure what to make of that... but it's enough to make these first-time apple growers smile!

our mandarine tree is covered in tiny little fruit and some flowers. We got three mandarines last fruiting, here's hoping these all 'stick'.

The naval orange is just one year in the ground and this is it's first (and only) flower... very special. The Washington is the same age but not yet ready it seems.

the Angel Peach (Brenna's) has tiny little furry-bum peaches (we have the donut variety) and they are just cute lol... I know it sounds odd, but they are!
and just for the fun of it, before they went in the oven the other day...

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