Monday, December 21, 2009

A re-purposing Christmas table...

well mostly! We have already had our 'Christmas bbq'. Funnily enough I didn't get any proper pics of the table setup. So you'll have to make do with some cropped down pics and a description:
Tablecloth - 10m length of heavy duty calico which was enough to do both tables in one length (two dining size tables end to end) with a little extra to tuck back on itself. Bought 10m paid fo r7m on sale. Because it was intended to be sewn into 'rod-covers' (like long socks for the fishing rods so the runners and line/hooks don't get tangled in their compartment when we drive) it didn't matter if beetroot, wine or whatever else was spilt on it. Turns out nothing was spilt lol so I've been using the fabric in my Christmas sewing.
Centrepieces - there were 6 of them, pots of herbs - parsely, basil, spring onions etc so guests could garnish their own plates and of course, once the night is done, the herbs go in the garden. These were sat three on each table, 'wrapped' in Christmas paper with a silver gauzy bow round the middle.
Central to those was the wicker basket with hand made bon bons that A, Z, B1 and I made one afternoon. These were done with a brown paper outer, ribbon to tie, and gumleaf/saying/cutout from red/silver wrapping paper in the centre. Dumb joke and edible treat inside.
Then there were red tiny stars sprinkled down the length of the table and bubble pots for the kids along the way. The theme being red and silver, cream/white and a touch of green with the plants. Casual but nice, I thought. A lovely relaxed night topped with a great ending!

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