Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making buttons

It's that time again that the tall gums across the road are having their trim. Some quite enthusiastically being trimmed. So we sent a little note and some candy canes (we've run out of gingerbread men), to ask if the loppers might put aside some branches (only if it wasn't too much trouble) as the children want to cut them into rounds, sand them down and make buttons. They make buttons at school this way to finish off their handwork projects, and with very local very fresh timber coming down across the road, as B said it's such a shame to see it go to woodchips. We also watched as very suitable for furniture-making pieces came down, and went in the mulcher... if I thought I would get to making something from them before the termites made lunch from them, I'd have seen about those if the loppers were happy enough to. I made one little stool from our park gum branches collected from the ground, while I was pregnant with Brooke over ten years ago LOL and haven't made another since. It was good fun, even if it was hard work getting up off the floor when I'd finished! :)
The guys read the note and were more than happy to save us some branches - thanks guys, much appreciated.

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