Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knowing your Baby is not forgotten...

Through Brenna's Mum's page - (yes... her daughter Brenna was born too early - around the same time that our Brenna was due... and her Mum took the time to write to me) I found the story of William... a beautiful little boy born still in April this year. William's Mum writes here. The idea she writes of here, of Christmas notes for her little boy's stocking, is a beautiful one. It's something to keep in mind if you feel it an appropriate idea for someone in your life. The following poem I keep on our Brenna's page and it echoes similar - the not forgetting, the remembering.

The mention of our child’s name may bring tears to our eyes -
But it never fails to bring music to our ears.
Friends, please don’t keep us from hearing the beautiful music.
It soothes our broken hearts and fills our souls with love.

There will be a message from me, for William's stocking, come Christmas. I have also mentioned the idea to the children, if they wanted to write one for Brenna's stocking. They need not be read aloud on Christmas day, if they don't want to, but the idea is there if they want to write one for her. xo

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