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Comparison - Rumparooz/Bumgenius/Fuzzi Bunz and Others one-size (OSFM)

We've cloth nappied four children now. For the two in modern cloth nappies (MCN) I've been a 'fitted+cover until 6mths' gal all the way simply for the poo containment. I know there's no way a standard AIO (all-in-one) or pocket would hold up for my guys, because the fitted+cover is the last line of defence and often the cover is the saver.

HOWEVER, should there be a #6 LOL I will definately be using our Rumparooz in the NB stash. I really really really like the internal gussets - a winner in my book definately. They held a 4(?)month old runny poo in just awesomely, no complaints whatsoever. Really like the prints (we have print and plain) and I have tried both the snap and the TT/Applix/Velcro and really like them both, although preferring the velcro. With ANY pocket/AIO I always use one microfibre/one bamboo or hemp - it's just how I 'do' microfibre. Given the talk about BG elastic, I'll be interested to see how the Rumparooz elastic holds up in comparison.

The internal gussets in the Rumparooz make them a hands down winner over other OSFM pocket/AIO if you're going to use them from birth. If poo is gonna escape the Rumparooz, then it would definately escape a disposable or any other AIO/pocket nappy. They are also quite trim considering their size/age range although sometimes I get a 'gather' at the top of the back of the waist. Rumparooz have an extra size setting now for smaller newborns and the newer version is trimmer. I'd be happy to use those from day dot. The NB insert is very trim although it says it holds more - however I'd be using bamboo inserts instead of/as well as the mifbre with a NB as I have found all my guys really needed the absorbency of bamboo from birth. Rumparooz is definately a thumbs up from me

We have the Bumgenius (BG) onesize and sized (secondhand in great nic). I bought the onesize very thrashed out to try, lol and replaced the elastic and it's STILL going strong so on that I figured if an old timer BG OSFM was still going well then new ones would be even better. Have some 'newer' secondhand ones on the way. Apparently the new version of the BG sized will have a pocket opening as well which will be PERFECT to speed drying time as I find that's the only downside to the sized BG. THe OSFM pocket BG is very quick to dry, as are the other OSFM pockets.

From what I can see the Pop In only has two snaps row on the front, the Haute also has two snaps rows and I find I prefer the three rows of snaps on the BG as sometimes on the Haute the two snaps row isn't quite enough to hold the snap setting in it's place iykwim when you put it on. No big deal or anything, just noted that I prefer the three snaps row on the BG to the two snaps row on the Haute.

The Haute OSFM (US site) however has a full-shaped insert, so it makes the most of the available space and sits 'fuller' ie not a strip down the middle. This can be a little fiddly though, so any microfibre inserts can be used and still work just as well. A nice trim nappy.

The Fuzzi Bunz OSFM has maternity buttonhole elastic in the legs and waist, and is awesome to use however would prob not suit if you have different sized bubs as it's a 'set and forget' kinda setting you don't want to be changing it for each child each wear iykwim. So in that sense the snap OSFM settings work well as they're easy and quick to adjust. THe FB however would be great as a 'bought at birth' to TT in that you can't see the adjustable settings (I initially thought the adjustable snap settings on the other OSFM would put me off but IRL they're fine). BUT in a pinch, it wouldn't be too hard to resize and use them on the other bum. These are not at the top of the pile but they are still a good nappy.

We have sized Pea Pods as well - red with the black inner - brilliant to not show stains and I find them very reliable and great for travelling as well. We have a large Green Kids pocket nappy. While I am very happy with microfleece as an inner and have never had a prob with it, I do like the suedecloth in the Green Kids. I haven't tried the GK insert in any other pockets, but I do know that all the other pocket nappy inserts (apart from maybe the Haute as it's shaped) will def fit each other so that's good for interchanging if you have a few different nappies/boosting for nights. I have only used the GK as a sized nappy.

We have the sized BG as well (s/hand) and I do like them. So I can't say which I prefer of the two BG as I like each for different reasons/occasions.

The Haute OSFM I can (over) stuff for nights with bamboo and it does really well. Don't quite like doing the same with the BG OSFM for some reason AND the overstuffed Hatue for nights still allowed me to attach the Respisense monitor when Quinn was little.

(should add I am not a millionaire LOL - most nappies above I got s/hand, and a few were gifts and I made all my fitteds so quite economical)

the bottom line
  • So if you're wanting OSFM from birth in a pocket/PUL outer, then I'd go the Rumparooz.
  • If you're happy to do fitted and cover for the first 6mths or so, then move to a OSFM, I'd go with a stash of Bumgenius.
Certainly would be a reasonable option to do fitted&cover and/or Rumparooz for the first 6mths, then add Bumgenius to the stash after 6mths - this would be my overal plan should there be a #6 Baby... Rumparooz have the internal gussets and a tiny bit more bulk, Bumgenius are slightly trimmer but don't have the internal gussets. So it comes down to what you want most out of your nappies - and what you want out of them now, and later.

In working out what you want things to consider are: absorbency, drying time, fit/bulk/trimness, poo containment, length of fit for size (OSFM vs sized), cost of upsizing (remembering you can sell sizes that are too small). Have fun !

A quick note on OSFM PUL outer nappies, generally. NBs generally are not that tiny for so long so unless you have tiny babies, it won't take long before they fit.
We had onesize fitteds on Zeke (fitteds, so yes they're different to OSFM pockets) he was 7lb 14oz born and they fit fine. Remember you're asking a nappy to fit a huge size and age range so a small amount of 'bulk' at the NB stage is to be expected. However, NB grow quick!

Also, apart from birth weight, fit of nappies, especially OSFM, depends on bub, depends on their build and how fast they grow. My two older boys at 7lb 1oz and 7lb 14oz not much difference at birth but Z at 3mths old fit his brother (who was 3 YEARS old) 's jocks LOL - he had rolls on his rolls whereas his brother was slim with no bum for ages... my 9lber fit the same nappies and clothes as my 7lbers... *shrug* it was all his big noggin LOL

Bumgenius sizing
The recommended size range is 3.6-15.5 kgs.
Rumparooz sizing
The G2 design 2.7 kgs (6 pounds) to 16 kgs. (35 pounds +).



Mumma D xo said...

HOWEVER, should there be a #6 <---- Is there something I don't know about? Hmmmmm? ;)

Kristy said...

Nah LOL just you never know what the future holds for you, do you :) xo
wouldn't want to be unwelcoming.

*grin* and no that's not a cheeky grin either!

Mumma D xo said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I just bought one and it's nice to hear that it sounds like I made the right decision, because I am already thinking about getting a second w/o trying if I can still get the 20% off.

Btw this is our 8th.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the great review!

Kristy said...

Congratulations 'Anonymous' :) on the your 8th Little Person~! Thanks for stopping by to leave a message.

Carrie, you're welcome. Best wishes :)

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