Friday, July 16, 2010

Updating - Reusable Nappies and preferences.

following on from this post 'Comparison - Rumparooz/Bumgenius/Fuzzi Bunz and Others one-size (OSFM)'

I thought I'd add the following:
I'd since add that I am partial to Bumgenius simply because they are the trimmest of the AIO (All-in-one) nappies
but so far for newborn to 6mths, I'd go for a good fitted nappy and cover.
My favourite cover is Thirsties, with gussets. Soft and good for keeping the newborn poo, IN. :)
Favourite fitted nappy is home made bamboo with terry outer for Snappi-closure and best possible fit. With a 'turn down' rise (the front bit near the belly button) you can make a nappy bigger or smaller as needed. Snappi-ing is, in my opinion, the most versatile fastening option in fitted nappies. NB you need a 'terry' style outer (bamboo, cotton or hemp) to get the Snappi to hold.

I recommend Nurture Nappies
as a great store for customer service, information (if you're not sure just email) and products and services.
If she wants to make her own, check out

Also check out for every thing you ever wanted to know about nappying
including facts, figures and dispelling the eco/every other myth going about reusable nappies
Nappycino - for fellow parents to read their questions and answers and to ask your own

I hope that helps.
NB Bumgenius are releasing/have released their new 4.0 version. I haven't seen it yet.

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