Monday, October 26, 2009

Making Mulberry Jam... and brocolli

Here's one of what was left after we jarred the jam... mmmm

No... not mulberry jam with brocolli but rather we made some mulberry jam...or mulberry sauce LOL depending on how it turns out AND here's a pic of our first ever brocolli! Boy it took patience as they grew through winter so very slow and they nearly got pulled once or twice but here 'tis... the others have still yet to LOOK like making heads...

Our mulberry tree went nuts as usual and we picked a lot of fruit in the last couple of days, with plenty more on the tree. Brooke has been wanting to make jam for years... so I said righto... let's do it.

Jamsetta was out of stock everywhere we went... some say it's cheating, others say it isn't - I haven't formed an opinion yet! So we did one that uses lemon juice instead. Not sure that we got to setting point hence the possible 'mulberry sauce' instead... which if that's the case will be great with ice-cream or marbled through muffins. Not sure what I expected it to taste like... I can taste the lemon though, just a hint of it, so maybe we'll try for jamsetta next time. Lovely colour though, beautiful rich deep colour and texture is mmm

Just used reclaimed jars and lids (hot washed, dried in the oven, jarred the jam while both were hot, inverted for 2mins as per the recipe before righting and standing to cool). If this turns out/if we're still keen we may invest in some new lids etc etc just trying this first and will keep in the fridge, use within x amount of days.
so... waiting for some good light to take some photos and will deliver the verdict!

Off to read up some more on this preserving thing. I am checking out this post and this post on Down to Earth and off to read up in the archives there for more info.

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