Sunday, November 01, 2009

$42.50 a kilo!!!

Far out brussel sprout... or should I say, mulberry sprout!
That's how much mulberries were at the shop this morning.
Yay for our very enthusiastic well stocked tree in the backyard then, I say! It goes nuts each year, gets pruned back by about 2/3 after each fruiting, looks a bit odd for a while then goes nuts again. We try and keep it not too tall but this year I let it get away so we're needing the ladder for the top ones. The kids don't mind! We're picking enough that we can make jam and still have more on the tree to pick and eat as we please. What a treat!

1 comment:

Hear Mum Roar said...

It must feel great to be able to enjoy something so lovely with the expense! I have always loved mulberries. My dad was dead against having a tree though, because he didn't want purple poop on our car, LOL

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