Friday, July 17, 2009

Woot! (and not so woot)

Perfected my pattern today. Will see how it sews up - just waiting on a couple of supplies... pattern for what you ask? hmmm well you'll have to wait and see. Also one other pattern in the works. Picking up the last bits for that tomorrow, hopefully.

Further to this post, the two procedures I'm having done have been booked for this Monday. The receptionist of the Doc who will be performing it was minimally helpful, making me feel like I was dumb for even asking and tbh I didn't have much confidence in her reply even tho she said 'the doc said'... ABA can't answer medical stuff - fair enough - legal and practical I guess.

so I rang the Hosp where the proc will be performed and spoke to the lactation consultant (LC) there who was immensely helpful, answered all my qs about the prep for the proc and breastfeeding (bf), as well as the anaesth for the proc and bf and said that if I am too 'full' afterwards in the milk dept, then to ring ext number and say 'Deb said' LOL and they will bring the pump down for me to express so I don't get too full, and to simulate the feed I missed (supply and demand). Yay for Deb! All I wanted was the information, you know? so I can now relax a little bit more in that dept.

The LC advises: won't need to pump and dump but M those feeds won't go astray as it could be 3-5 hours before I am home again PLUS, I may need to sleep when I get home and I may be... indisposed... the night before due to all the bowel prep so I can assure you they will definately be welcome. Also I have been assured the bowel prep stuff won't go through the milk to Quinn
We are very very appreciative, so thankyou very very much, M. It's amazing to look at the milk sachets you've done and know you did that for Quinn... xo

Just have the fasting for 24 hours+ before (Sun morning to after the proc finishes Mon about luncthime) and bowel prep to look forward to LOL. Only clear fluids all day Sun and no fluids from 4am Monday, proc should be finished by about 11ish/lunchtime Mon. Then I plan to pump out at the hospital to sub for the feed I will have missed giving Quinn (so the supply/demand thing works) and drink lots of fluids on the way home (I won't be driving - thankyou K and N)... still... as we know its not the worst thing in the world that's for sure. And I guess in that sense, on Monday time will go quick for me since I'll be asleep for most of it! I think Sun will be the blergh part. Not to worry! Hope this finds you all in good health and heart, and keeping warm if it's cold in your part of the world xo

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Georgie said...

Oh, I have done a prep that sounds similar, nasty stuff. When I had the procedure done related to that, I definitely found the prep worse for me than the procedure - as a mum I almost enjoyed the afternoon 'nap', that twilight sleep is wonderful stuff. Heh. Hope it all goes smoothly and isn't too unpleasant.

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