Friday, July 17, 2009

bits and pics

some pics to share
Can't half tell Zeke spent a lot of his tiny months in a sling! It's a Queen-sized hammock by the way, underneath our huge (alleged) Nor-West Peppermint tree out the back - it's a massive tree. The sling can hold 4 kids (so far LOL) and I have only been in it once since we bought it (couldn't get in while pregnant). The kids love it and spend a lot of time out there in it. Dizzy-whizzies, all sorts of manouevres, tricks and everything else - some of them named apparently... 'the nappy'... 'the wedgie' (three guesses on that one!)... and here's Zeke...

This is Quinn sleeping on my back in the Ergo while I get things done during the day. We relegated the pram to the spare room once the Ergo arrived when Zeke was little. He lived in it as we were always out and about esp school and shops. We haven't even bought a pram this time round with Quinn - between the sling and the Ergo we have it covered in style and comfort and nothing to lug around.

and one of those 'in a blue moon' kinda things. Home made gingerbreads and free run on decoration!

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