Saturday, May 30, 2009

only a third left

The Quinn update - latest claim to fame:
Quinn's latest claim to fame (apart from leaving his tongue out all day to see how long it takes to dry out then imitating a lizard) is that he can suck his big toe/s... glad he's not playing in the mud just yet ;) although it means you gotta act quick if he gets his foot in his poo at nappy change time!

I am seeking information on natural anti-inflammatories that can be taken (ingested)to relieve internal inflammation. So far seem to be (might be coincidence, hard to tell but grateful for whatever it is) that porridge (oats, used in bath for chickenpox), yoghurt, cammomile tea (blergh lol) and probiotics are making a difference. Yet to try paw paw. So if you have any recommendations of where to start looking, would be much appreciated! :D


Well, as I type I find myself with only a third of my hair left (lucky I had heaps to start with!) as a result of thyroid+post birth and possibly the other 'thing' that's going on at the moment. a good handful or two every time I brush, and more. Rather odd to run your hands through your hair and get mostly air - and when the wind blows to be able to feel it on your scalp!

This is not the symptom specifically that's led to the next para - the ones that have I'd rather not blog list them. Suffice to say they are not nice. I am being booked in for two procedures that require fasting intially, and pumping and dumping of feeds for 12 hours post proc - no date for appt yet. Thankfully, I have a lovely fellow breastfeeding Mum who is expressing feeds for Quinn. I can express but am really quite inefficient - I work best with a Baby on the breast LOL

Anyway, the symptoms that have prompted this procedure are usually one of the first signs I am pregnant, and they usually resolve on their own post birth. But not this time, which means they've been going on for over a year now which isn't the best thing. Blood tests and other samples meant further investigation. Thankfully haemoglobin and all the other abbreviations were fine it's just the 'other' ones that were questionable. SO that's coming up. I'm concerned for Quinn and my supply more than anything. Second to that is that I am hesitant to place myself in the 'trust' of someone else, while laying on a table. The last invasive procedure I had done they really hurt me and I am not keen to repeat that. Although the ones coming are different procedures and I will be sedated... it's still not something I'm keen on. I have had enough of people interfering with my body. I sent a list of my concerns in a note with the procedure consent forms - supply/deyhdration etc.

Even the appt with the neuro for a nerve test and needles in my leg sounds appealing in comparison LOL

Still it will be nice for things to be resolved if they can be. Even though I feel okay, I know I'm not getting enough for my body, it's really quite obvious, but thankfully still making enough milk for Quinn. It's quite fine tuned at the moment, the milk thing, so I really hope these procedures don't throw it out of whack, you know? And anyway, life goes on and stuff still needs doing.

So I am lucky to have the lovely M expressing for us, and offers from several others to pick up/bring me home re the procedures, as I won't be allowed to drive home, and Michal will have his first hours at home by himself with Quinn... in that sense I thought it would be easier for both of them to not have to interrupt their time with coming to pick me up etc Oddly enough on the procedure prep sheets, it says to 'not make important decisions or operate machinery' but hey, you can still care for your Baby!... hmmm...

Still, there are plenty dealing with much worse. Best of luck to anyone with something coming up!


Donna xo said...

Oh dear sweets! Yes I'm still losing hair too! I'm still borderline Hashimoto's, just a matter of time before my tests say 'giver her medicine' apparently. Until then I'm stuck with all of the symptoms with no meds to help.

Lots of love and best wishes for all the tests coming up. You will be okay :) Ask question after question to set your mind at rest if you need... they should be able to answer anything you throw at them.

Glad you have backupp b/m for little Quinn :) You are so lucky to have the friends you do over there. I really envy you sometimes :)

D xo

DenimAngel said...

Thinking of you. I hope they find answers and can sort out your symptoms ASAP.

Kristy said...

Bummer Donna... that really is ykw... hopefully it's not long before they can just 'do it' and sort things for you...

and yes, we are very lucky to have friends such as we do here... I appreciate it a LOT xo

Thanks Susan :) xo

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