Saturday, July 18, 2009

SO... who's gonna laugh first?

Who will it be that laughs first? LOL... I know I know, I said I wouldn't ever learn to knit (well I can cast on and knit lines/squares but that's it) - mostly because it would be one more 'thing' (I have a reasonable fabric stash for example, and then adding wool to it?!) plus I have unfinished projects enough as it is. However... knitting is a vital DIY skill, something I can do if Quinn is asleep in my arms in the evening and so on. Anyhoo so these caught my eye the other day at KMart but they were from memory 16 or 19 dollars - something with a one and a roundy number in it. Today at Spotlight (I only went for drawstring cord) they had them for $10... well I like the elephant and the monkey and the zebra and the lion... they only had the lion and I think that's also probably simpler for me than the others to begin with. Eventually I would like to do the elephant and monkey if they're still avail in the shops. So back to Spotlighting today... I bought needles to go with it but they are a 1/4 mm too big - is that ok? They are meant to be 3mm but are 3.25mm... I must have absent mindedly grabbed the ones next to the 3mm ones... Brooke (9rs, started knitting when she was 5/6) did have to remind me how to cast on (I did it 'manually' initially coz I couldn't work it out) and said watching me was painful so she cast on for me LOL. I have since cast on myself and am knitting nothing in particular from red wool... so I thought I may as well knit with a purpose... anyhoo this is the LION... I intend to give him a smiley face instead :) Wish me luck!

eta by bedtime tonight I am 21 rows in WOOT LOL and have changed colours several times... I'm enjoying it :)
ETA... it ocurred to me last night that Luke the Lion is in fact... a tiger.

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