Sunday, February 01, 2009

Between now and then's 'awaiting' list...

Stuff that needs doing between now (today) and then (when the Baby is born). Too much you think? LOL we'll see how much I get done. [updating 1st Feb]

Clean oven, oven trays and rack
done - I actually enjoy doing it lol
Clean fridge, shelves and crispers
Clean out f/freezer and re org
the 'too small' boys clothes tubbed, labelled and away done
Tupperware pantry re-sorted done
pull-out pantry re-sorted done
up-top wire baskets sorted done
post-Christmas packaway into existing labelled tub done
de-clutter clothes wardrobe
what to wear post birth? nothing fits haha
done (sort of)
Billy shelves sorted and stuff in
the few things under our bed cleared.
Organise sewing table
organise computer desk
finish sewing nappies
bulk rubbish out done
finish sewing PP pads
front jungle mowed, edged and tidied
back swept and blowered, tidied
BC bag ready
done (with list pending of things to add)
Nappy bag ready done (with list pending of things to add)
sheet etc ready in car washed - just needs to be put in car
bulk pantry ready done thanks Mum and Brooke!
breakfast bar chair covers either made or current ones washed the latter done
Cord blood organised half done
Paint spare room
paint entrance and hall (colour?)
order tops for kitchen
Baby pregnancy diary up to date.
wetbags sewn
cards list done and spares
mend kitchen benchtop
G quilt
half done
Re-do dieties
lilli pillies in
2 new fruit trees, one for Brenna and one to replace the broken one....
sand for sandpit in and ready
WWW CD in bag
Photos for Nanna - grass trees
b/side tables?
linen for Brooke's room in Jan
anwswering machine
Finish off FLYlady weekly list
write up zones
clean out and vac car
clear away kids keep-things into their tubs
spare room ready done
lounge sorted done
back room sorted done thanks Mum and Brooke!
last few things from IKEA done
wash new Baby carseat covers done
Instal seat
Wash Amby covers done
bulk baking done and frozen
Wash Co-sleeper covers
Finish install co-sleeper done
shelves up in laundry (bricking up first) done
Baby nappies and clothes away in new shelves done
Our bedroom finished done
handles on our robe doors
Kids room sorted (not much to do)
order replacements for First Aid Kit list in progress
Kids 4 drawers put together and in the right spot two done
Brooke's Birth sampler cross stitch finished
Jake's Birth sampler cross stitch done
Zeke's Birth sampler cross stitch done
Brenna's Birth sampler cross stitch done
order new Baby's Birth Sampler cross stitch
dining table sorted
Baby birth announcement email done
finish painting loo walls
finish C1/2 lists and distrib.
finish Brooke, Jake and Zeke's Baby albums (photos and info entry)

There! One less piece of paper on the fridge and all the things I need to remember are in one spot - Wish me luck!

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