Thursday, January 22, 2009

Minor TA and Bub-date

Well this afternoon on the way home from the Birth Centre, I got rear ended by a taxi. I stopped, he didn't and bang right up the back end of me. End result: main thing is Bub is ok (rang the BC and they said yep just come back in and we'll check Bub just in case) and I am as well. I wasn't at fault, he admitted to that and his passenger said the same thing - she saw my brake lights but he just kept going... and pretty much minimal damage to our vehicle - his not so lucky. I sat for a bit until the shakies calmed in my hands before I drove again.

Bub is going well. Ultrasound and checkup today so he had a thorough checking out. Heartbeat, placenta, cord, fluid levels, my BP etc all good. His weight gain isn't as rapid as it was before (doing the GD diet must be helping) - was est 7lb 14oz at 35 weeks, now est 8lb 90z (3.8kg) at 38+3/38+5 depending who's dates you take with a margin I think she said of 200g either way. That was the u/s tech.

The midwife (I had my BC appt after the u/s) also said she can't see a problem with me birthing him given my previous births, and she said she thinks he's just 'well padded' - she's not sure why induction was mentioned at all. She doesn't expect me to need my next appt. He's also 1/5th into the pelvis. I know he's moved down as we have 'bladder parties' and I can feel him inside my hips more - walking late at night is interesting. I know with every day we're getting closer but of late I feel we're getting closer quicker, if that makes any sense!

I've had about 10 contractions since I got home from IGA, about 5mins or so apart - see what tonight holds. So that's the update :)
eta I'm doing the GD diet not becauseI have it, but because even if I did the 3hr fasting GD test, and it was positive, that's all that would happen - go on the GD diet. So I am going on it by default thereby avoiding the test. This can only be a positive thing for Bub and I really and while I do miss my fruit, I did lose 5kg the first 2 weeks I was on it, have maintained that weight to this checkup, and Bub's belly has started to 'even out' a bit in terms of chub so it may be making a difference.

avagoodone all!


Donna xo said...

Hey Miss K

Thinking of you hunny :)

Take it easy, close your eyes, breath deep and picture that beautiful little boy you have in there.

I remember when TEM was born, it was also so healing to me to get to that beautiful day finally after so much heartbreak. I know little man womb dweller will heal your heart that little bit too.

I have something here I have been meaning to send over, so I'd best haul my butt and get it to you.

Much love & hugs.
Miss Cinders xo

Kristy said...

Ah thankyou Donna... I hear what you're saying and I have wondered how much of a difference that will make in that way... you know?

Thankyou for all the best wishes and support, you know it means a lot...
hopefully it won't be long until you can 'meet' him...

xo Kristy

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