Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wassup in the garden

Just a quick update - previous garden posts here. Strawbale bed: Various lettuces going well, chilli on the plants, baby capsi coming on. All the herbs doing well. Corn growing good. Feral spuds doing well. Silverbeet making a move. Feral something-or-others coming up (likely to be melons). Marigolds coming back. Feral cucumbers doing well and flowering. Here's how the strawbale bed started...
Under the mandarine tree: feral tomatoes going nutso - plenty of flowers so we won't have to buy toms soon. New feral toms coming up as well - I find it we chuck our tom seeds in the garden wherever, new plants come up so we should have a reasonably kinda regular tom supply. Mandarine tree going well. The red toms in the pic on the left are feral ones from the seeds from the ones Mum and Dad grew, and bought some down for us last time.
Fruit tree bed down side fence: apricot, 1 plum, lime going well. Other plum (corner behind cubby) was mysteriously snapped in half while we were away... so I pruned it back, watered it up and it has new shoots on the base. It will be coming out and going in a pot/somewhere else. New plum to take it's place and Brenna's Angel Peach is going in today as well. Growing feral in that bed is melons, pumpkin, zucchini, tomato and I've scattered capsi seeds from dinner so they'll be up soon no doubt. On the fence in the pot that Dad made from a boat buoy is strawberry and oregano - no idea if this is a good bug combo, it's just what got put in the pot because we had excess oregano seedlings. Sberries further protected by the big spiderweb spanning the 'arms' of the pot.
Pots: feral toms, chives, silverbeet and a handful of herbs including lemongrass from Lara, growing well.
Triangle bed: harvested the last of most of the zucchini which are slowing down now, the tomato 'trees' remain (cherry tom plants but gee they're tall) and are loaded. Michael wants to put strawberries in there, I'd like to put taller things in there and save the strawberries for other spots - the strawberries are going in tho. Next to that bed is the mulberry which has had it's prune (it runs a muck!) - well it's had the prune that I can reach and my stomach muscles can handle at the moment so it is a nice shape for the most part and then kinda has a mowhawk on top - Michael's going to sort the mowhawk out!

I've concluded I like large cherry toms better than standard tomato, they come on quicker, ripen quicker and are a little more versatile and don't seem as prone to bugs etc maybe because they're not on the bush for so long? Still to go in is Brenna's lavender from Grandma and Grandad for Christmas, and the Rosemary from Brenna's Birthday from the C Family... still prepping that part of the garden... won't be long though! xo

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JulesP said...

Wow Kristy, I just came here to check out your garden as research. We've got a trailer for a couple of weeks so planning on getting some hay bales and FINALLY starting the garden. Excitingly, we have had our 1st two tomatoes (a little sad looking, but still ..) off the plants we just stuck in the front garden with the roses! Your garden looks lovely and is wonderful inspiration!

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