Saturday, January 03, 2009


I am so excited I don't know where to start! Well... mmm ok first things first. Midwife was concerned (belly size looking 'term' plus fundal height) that I was measuring several weeks ahead for dates at the 34 week checkup. I was measuring 2 weeks ahead at the 34 week check - having previously measured 'perfectly' every step of the way... someone has been growing LOTS! Anyway, she wanted to know if it was Bub's size or if there was excess fluid etc so an ultrasound was decided on to check. I wasn't worried about his size so much (still gotta come out the same way huh!) just so long as everything else is okay in there. So I went to the ultrasound yesterday and got to see our 'Little Man' on the screen...

keeping in mind there is a margin for error on the weight estimate, the ulstrasound dated me, by his size, to be 40+2 LOL and I was 35+6.
Estimated weight 7lb 13oz at 35weeks + 6 days... Also there is 'regulation' amount of fluid in there so the belly is all Baby lol. My guys never have little heads so here's hoping his belly and head don't match!
EDIT to update:
Bub's head is just above the 50th percentile, his legs are slightly above the 50th percentile, his belly is on the 97th percentile LOL so he won't be skinny!

Not a massive Baby by some standards, but for me, previous term births were Brooke 7lb 12oz @ 40 weeks, Jake 7lb 1oz at 40 weeks and Zeke 7lb 14oz at 39 weeks... and this little Dude is already there and still has a few weeks left to go! I should add, that's in theory. I reckon he might be bulking up early coz he knows he's not going to be in there still at 40 weeks LOL. Dr H was pretty cool as was the u/s tech. Apparently Bub has a fat little belly and chubby hands, and his share of hair on his head. Dr H reckons only 1% of babies have a belly fatter than ours haha. He said usually the chubby ones like to stay in longer coz they're comfy and the scrawny ones come early - you know, as a generalisation. Oh and 'he' is definately a 'he' - can't miss that!

Anyyyyway then the u
/s tech put the scan on 3D... my goodness I've never seen that before - I've never had a 3D scan before and it was amazing... I was watching my Little Guy on the screen - all of him... and THEN he opened his eyes - Oh... my... goodness... he was opening his eyes! And I have to share this pic that the u/s tech printed out for me - sucking his fingers - so CUTE! LOL can you tell I was so amazed and found it so darn awesome! I don't mind how big he is, I just wanna see him and cuddle him! He only needs to hang on until Fri/Weekend coming and then he can come any time after that. Been achey this morning. Very exciting!

Here he is! Needless to say I came out grinning like a nutter LOL - Any time after next weekend Little Man, any time - you just come out and meet us all! Kisses from Mummy xo


Mich said...

Awww gorgeous K and how cool that you got to see your little man!
Wow he's going to give Zeke a run for his money in the chubby stakes I think. Glad all is going well, can "see" you grinning from here!

Carolyn said...

Isnt that just so georgeous! Bet you cant wait to cuddle him, seeing a pic like that makes me want to jump on a plane and visit to cuddle him too!

~MY~6~PACK~ said...

AWWW Look at that sweet lil man!! how exciting..I cant believe how fast the time has gone

Pip said...

Awesome K :) Its so nice to "hear your smile" from all the way over here! Love Pip

Melinda said...

Wow, that is AWESOME!!! What a cutie and how amazing to see him open his eyes and suck his fingers!

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