Friday, December 26, 2008

Hmmm - 34 weeks & 6 days.

Almost 35 weeks... The Wigglebug has been doing 'the wombat' a lot of late - burrowing his way closer to the cervix I am guessing... Been a little back-achey on and off the last few days. Braxton Hicks/light contractions, a little more so today, but nothing too full on - BH for the last three weeks or so... And today, two 'sensations' a little like letdown in the breasts, but no where near as strong. Then again, the bowel is very grumpy and has been for a few weeks, so that just might be annoying the uterus and then vice versa tag team style. I think we ought to be aiming to have everything done by the 10/12th Jan as I'll be 37 weeks then (term) so theoretically he can come after that time and be 'in time' if that makes sense. He's also been measuring one or two weeks ahead of dates for the last couple of checkups, which doesn't mean much, but it's another thing to add in... So just send him 'stay well, grow strong, stay IN' vibes until then, okay?
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Unless anything more happens I'm not 'worried' as such, just gets you thinking ahead. LOL I keep thinking of all the things that aren't finished yet - not that most of them 'matter' in terms of when Baby decides to come - so long as I have my boobs he'll be fine! but you know... Especially as if he's anything like his brother (Zeke who's labour was 27mins start to finish) we might not get a lot of 'notice' that he's coming when he does decide to lol... so I think I better (slowly haha) move my rear and get sorted. So I'll get the most important bits done over the next few days then I know they are done.

Hope you had a great day all!

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Lesley said...

Stay put a couple of weeks more little Wombat!! And mummy you get your bags packed and put your feet up. Having had early arrivals here, the more organised I was the later they came lol!!

Melinda said...

I wish we lived closer so we could give you a hand with all that needs to be done! Good luck with the next few weeks.

Lil Wombat, you stay put! LOL!

Kristy said...

Thanks Lesley - and I like your thinking - be ready and he should come later lol!

Melinda thanks my'dear :) We'll get through what needs doing one way or the other I guess huh!

Hope the little Dude is listening! Seems things have settled down for now which is good. Just doing a bit of this then sitting, then a bit of that then sitting etc.

Thanks again! :D

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