Friday, December 05, 2008

News just to hand!

Jake disovered a zucchini in the garden (well, the plot there is kinda overrun by melon and zuc plants trying to climb over the (Jemma-proof) fenced area so it was kinda camoflagued!) He said 'it's thicker than my arm Mum!' which admittedly wouldn't be too hard but you know... anyway, pick it, go for it I said! Well at about 25cm that's not a bad effort lol and I touched the plum on the tree and it came off, skin just soft but firm... what a cool day! pics to come.

Also, this Little Boy is moving down... feels like he's been 'burrowing' of sorts for the last week or so - or like someone has a hand on the top of my belly and gently pushing him down - it makes walking quite interesting! He's been head down now for a few weeks and stayed there - no more bum up so far and hiccups are always alternating between my right hip/left hip/centre... At my last midwife check he was 5/5ths above the brim but when I go next time I won't be surprised if he's part-way engaged. I can also fit an entire hand-span+ between my boobs and top of my belly which is sort of another indicator - didn't have this happen until much later in pregnancy but then I still have 8 weeks to go and with everything so 'full' on the belly front the only way left for him to go (grow) is up! LOL. Have the occassional Braxton Hicks and they're a good feeling... although so long as the real thing holds off until at least late January. Must be nearly time for another belly pic methinks...

Brooke had her excursion today to Landsdale Farm School and Jake his to Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm. Zeke fell asleep on the way home and I could have slept when I got home, only I've been reading about births (mostly home births even tho we're at a Birth Centre I see so many similarities) and now feel all inspired to ready our place - not to birth
in neccesarily (who knows, Bub will decide that one!) but to have it ready to bring our Baby home to... I gotta get moving! it's frustrating me though because there's a lot of things I can't do... however... let one not be deterred! *insert royal trumpet blowing* I'll do what can do then huh!

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