Monday, November 17, 2008

An overall update

Jake's Birthday today - Happy Birthday mate! We're making a cake now to have for dessert and have some M&Ms to go on top - truly indulging and a special treat. Can't believe he's seven... born at 2.52am that many years ago today... he has been counting down since August haha ... so tomorrow night to Grandma and Grandad's for Birthday dinner, a class celebration sometime this week, something special already from Nan and Pop, and his Party in a couple of weeks time (with his 'proper' cake from me) - Birthdays always last in this house!

There's a few other general things going on, planning and hard work and luck of circumstance finally coming together. Solar goes in at the end of the month. Finally the floor in the kitchen goes in (we DIY reno'd it in Dec 2006), hopefully the 2500litre water tank is going in soon (plumbed to loo and laundry). As those of you who have DIY reno'd would know, it can be a slow process depending on the time and finances factor... and it's definately been slow here lol as we've been here over 10 years now and are still a LONG way from finished... even though yes we have achieved a fair bit.

I've finished sewing my PP pads (pics coming soon) so can tick that off the list in prep for Baby. I will be 30 weeks this coming Saturday yay!

on the Jemma-dog front - after last year getting very sick with pancreatitis and spending a long time (and several thousand - which we were lucky to be able to pay off per week for quite some time PLUS some very generous auction donations which helped immensely) at the vets, I went outside this morning and Jemma was NOT her usual self... not as sick as last time but still not right. She was fine and loopy as always yesterday... this morning though she knocked back toast (that's not good), barely got up (not good) kept stretching and doing the 'shiver' thing, and did not even get excited and go loony at the sight of the lead... mmm... rang the vet - they said up to me I could watch her or bring her in... we (Brooke, Jake, Zeke and I and belly) took her in. (the pic to the left is her in a post a few months ago).

Perhaps just a sore tummy but they gave me the option of her staying there and having bloods done, which I decided to do. Lucky I did because when they went to do the bloods and they put the blood in the spinner to get the serum, she said it was so full of fat the couldn't even do the tests in-house... shnot! I am trying to think where she got hold of something that could have done that - we are really careful with what she gets to eat... even the kids know she can't have certain things as it will make her sick...she's banned from any meats that have fat, on a low fat dry biscuit mix, not allowed big marrow bones and so on etc etc always careful to keep the bbq covered... *sigh* so unless she (a) got into the compost which wouldn't have much fatty stuff in it anyway (b) caught a fat bird - possible as there were feathers out the back the other day (c) ate too much manure when we did the vege garden (?) I have no idea how she got that level of fat in her system because we're so careful about what she gets to eat...

She was still far more alert than last time but not at all her nutty self and didn't go all licky and silly when we got in the car to go to the vet either... so definately not right... hopefully we caught it much earlier this time (last time she OD on fat as she licked the bbq plate clean since the lid was left up - gross I know)...

so we wait now for out-of-house bloods to see if she goes on IV... ah Jemma-dog... hopefully for her and us it's not as serious as last time... fingers crossed.

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