Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jake's Birthday Invitations

Jake's 7th Birthday... well that didn't take too long to come around!

& after looking for ages for a way to make 'West Coast Eagles' invitations, without buying them premade (it's a habit of mine these days to make them LOL) I rang home and asked Michael to ask Jake what other colours he liked. To which he replied 'tell Mum she doesn't have to do West Coast colours... I like green and blue and purple and...[listed heaps of other colours]' so here they are. Jake's Birthday invitations.

Just simple ones this year (location/time details removed on this pic) - plain white card, vellum from Collins Craft and some star split pins. On the back, I've JAC (slim double sided tape the same thickness as paper) papered a magnet to the back of each invite, which also strategically covers the split pin backing. With thanks to M&D for the use of their printer since ours decided to not behave! Jake and I sat down at the table and put them together now, he wrote his name and the recipient's name on the envelopes, and helped with the magnet sticking on the back... Happy Birthday Matey!

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