Monday, November 17, 2008

Best Wishes to those in the Brisbane Storms & Jemma Update

Sending best wishes to the Cherub Family (so glad you're okay relatively speaking) and everyone else involved in the big Brisbane Storms. I hadn't seen tv/heard radio for a while so had no idea... will try and catch the news tonight for an update... Those we know are physically okay, thankfully... sending best wishes guys for the cleanup and getting things sorted again... xo

following on from my previous Jemma post, bloods aren't back at the vet yet but she's been very quiet and her temp is up slightly... which is not good and not at ALL like her. She's had some pain relief but that didn't make so much difference. Her tummy isn't overly tender to touch... So she's staying in overnight tonight, ring back later to get the verdict on the bloods. I have been trying to think what could have been so fatty that she ate... anyway I asked the vet and she said that since her pancreas was so compromised last time, that it may not be fat as such but maybe something else going on, that has stopped her pancreas from working, which therefore means no fat is metabolised... so we just wait and see... both on how long she has to stay and the resulting cost.

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