Sunday, September 07, 2008

Whoo hoo have perfected my wetbag!

Well, you know how it is when you've been thinking about things for a while and toying with different ideas on how to do something. Well I (think) I sussed it and am quite pleased. I've made two for the new Baby to come, and one spare. Before that I made one with touchtape for a swap and that's when my new idea 'came' to me!

Oh and the first one I made for the new Baby, is fabric I have had sitting there since Zeke was a Baby, from Jodie at Nappies Covered and Koala Snaps from Alex at Snaps Australia... the fabric is an adorable print, gender nuetral as well with little garden elf children on it and animals... and I liked the fabric so much I was too reluctant to make anything with it! At least not something that would be grown out of. Wet bag I can get quite some time out of as once it's done for Baby things, can be used in the car for travel for tissues/apple cores etc. So yay to me lol.

Oh and a few PP (post partum) Mamapads - just from fabric I had about, funky PUL, some... grr still can't remember what that pink fabric is called (!) and hemp/bamboo inner. Snaps to close. The pattern is the waterproof PUL side, the pink is the side goes against skin and the little squarey looking thing is one folded and snapped closed. Roughly based on two of my favourite pads as I liked the length and the foldability - definately not up to retail scratch lol but for me at home perfectly fine.

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