Monday, September 08, 2008

We're nearly half way there!

Well this is where we are/were as of Saturday just past - 19 weeks. This is where we will be come this Saturday... 20 weeks !... Bub must really have the penthouse suite in there because I can feel him/her moving from the lounge to the dining to the bedroom to the deck lol - kicks and wiggles from above my belly button to right down low and right and left and in between. It's awesome! By 21weeks Bub will be 27cm from head to heel!

Here we go - thanks to Jo we now have a charger! So here's a pic, 19 weeks & 2 days...

Also this Thursday (and counting) is 'the' ultrasound... I am just so so hoping for a healthy Bub. And we always say if not healthy then happy and if not happy then loved... but still... please please please... Just so keen to see this little person on the screen xo

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