Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well update on Making Mummy Wonder...

Happy to report cervix is nice and tightly closed (hurray! ), no apparent amniotic fluid, swab taken anyway while we were there (not from cervix). Heartbeat nice and strong, belly measuring spot on and nice and soft. BP and urine all good as usual. Just told to rest and take it easy to due the sore pelvic bones and no nightfill for me this week, to prevent it getting any worse.

Apparently the bone at the very front (pubic bone) can begin to separate if the combo of the relaxin hormone and activities get together... doc thinks it might be the beginning of that so planning to do a little, then something quiet, then a little, then something quiet... So planning on sewing tonight or Baby journal (remembered that the nobbs got that when they stole my bags ) or cross stitch.

one happy belly-camper here!

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