Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well it was a better time

Following on from this post, tonight we sang Happy Birthday and cut Brenna's cake (Zeke blew out the candle, Jake cut the cake, Brooke and Jake took off the ribbons, butterflies and dragonflies). The kids were playing sillies with Dad, we were inbetween feeling the Little Guy move and it was just generally a 'better' night... a good feeling cutting the cake. Oh and yes, we were meant to do it last night, but Zeke fell asleep then as well lol - he was trying to hard to hold his eyes open while eating dinner, and while I was wiping his face and hands with the flannel, his little lids were closing... so we did it tonight. And while singing Happy Birthday, it was more than a passing thought to think that I could have really been singing Happy Birthday to her while holding her at 12mths old... not to be of course. Glad tonight we got to 'do' things properly. xo

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