Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Birth Centre appt (for this Baby) today...

Ah back to the Birth Centre - and still so many familiar faces the whole time we've been there since 1999 - even the Blue group still has some of the same midwives who were about when Brooke was born there! Today was Lesley... who funnily enough was the midwife I saw a year ago tomorrow, while still pregnant with Brenna (who's Birthday is this Sunday the 21st). Filled in all paperwork, answered the q's, did the usuals.

All well with Bub, heartbeat spot on, measuring spot on, my BP spot on etc etc you get the idea and I am more than happy with that of course! Haemoglobin a little low so going on Spatone + the Elevit I am already on. Asked what we can do/know to prep ourselves if this Bub decides to arrive anywhere but the Birth Centre. Esp considering Zeke's labour was 27mins start to finish and it now takes 30-45min to reach the Birth Centre from our house - the city is getting busier and busier and Hay and Loftus were lala today even at midday!
So that was those questions answered and pretty much all on track and see you in 5 weeks. Next appt at the end of Oct... and looking forward to it!

Thankyou to Grandma for coming over to be with Zeke while Michael and I went in today - I know Zeke has a great time!



Donna xo said...

Hello beautiful :)

It's Sunday today.... I'm thinking of you and all your Babies today. I hope today was filled with smiles and hugs. And if I know you, a cake as well.

Happy Birthday beautiful Brenna. I know you are blowing kisses down to your Mummy & Daddy.

Love & hugs to you K as always xo

Kristy said...

You know all too well Donna... ;)

Thankyou for your beautiful message Donna... it's very much appreciated... warm hugs to you in return...


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