Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well... there is good news...

18th June 2008

Allo all.
Update on the Little Person... last night I had some bleeding - not massive amounts mind you but for someone who has NEVER bled during pregnancy I was to say the least, spun out - and as you can imagine, a zillion thoughts going through my mind despite my best efforts to stay positive. Today there was a little more (still not massive amounts but ykwim)

Anyway so went to doc, cautious internal (speculum) showed a tightly shut cervix, but still a little blood to come down... booked me in for urgent u/s also blood and urine tests. My first q trying to keep Zeke busy who was being more than mischievious, and trying to work out how I would be in three places at once (doc, school, ultrasound). Thankfully one of the Mums (thankyou K!) we have known for a while waited at school with Brooke and Jake, then took them back to my place with her two once I had phoned her. She later had Zeke as well while I went to drop off my little container of yellow (pee test). Anyway so down to u/s... thankfully Zeke was happy to sit and play with my phone.

Come the ulstrasound and on the screen shows a uterus... bladder... ovaries... and a Baby... and a HEARTBEAT... well despite my best efforts the tears did stream down my face. He said 'one Baby, alive, in the right place and with a heartbeat, but I don't know why you're bleeding'...

Anyway results of the u/s are about as positive as you can be (with no crystal ball, I know)
Well positioned intrauterine gestational sac seen within the upper uterine cavity. Yolk sack, embyro and foetal heartbeats are well visualed. Crown rump length measures approximately 9.8mm and corresponds to a gestational age of 7 weeks and 2 days. EDD is 02-02-09. No definate evidence of subchorionic haemorrhage seen.

Both ovaries are within normal limits. The prominent cyst seen in the right ovary is most likely due to a corpus luteal cyst. No free fluid. Suggest foetal anatomy scan during 18-20 weeks.
Possible explanation for the bleeding is implantation bleeding that just took it's time getting out. Sooooo while I know this is by far the best outcome we could have, I still have a zillion and one thoughts zooming through my mind and figure that Baby could do with as many positive ones as possible, if you all have any to spare it would definately be appreciated.

My u/s dates are always two days different to my EDD so I'm not worried about that part. I've had the main lot of bloods taken today and pee test, and second hcg btest on Friday. 2 doc visits, u/s and pathology and Zeke made it through that not too badly. (yay for stashed food items in bag and my mobile!)

I have been told no heavy lifting, not even the laundry basket, feet up and rest. If they asked me to stand on my head for a week I would do it. I also won't be at work the next couple of nights (at my nightfill job) in order to meet the 'rest and no lifting' requirement and we'll see what needs doing after that. Keeping surveillance on things in general...
ps... did I mention... that even with everything going on and in my mind... let me not forget to say again... I got to see our Baby! I had been so wanting to see that little heart beating away... not quite under these circs but I will take that awesome site any way it comes... so a sigh of relief here on the whole, and any best wishes for Little Person much appreciated. I will post a pic of the little dude/dudette a bit later when I can.

oh and Kirrily... you'll never guess what arrived in the post today while I was at home, before I had my appt and my head was zooming... so of course I ended up in tears at the letterbox, esp when reading your note, Thankyou, such a lovely lovely thought xo

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