Friday, May 09, 2008

M the hairdresser.

Even though we had a lovely hairdresser (and $25 for a wash, cut, footspa and cuppa is pretty good) it's more economical of course to cut hair at home. So I watched the last few times how she did the boy's hair, then tried it at home and it went well. So I cut Michael, Jake, Brooke and Zeke's hair, and Michael trims mine. This was last night's trim - took a fair bit off but that was what I was after, it was mid-way down my back and needed a tidy up. Thanks to my 'hairdresser' for this one ~wink~.
As usual, after a cut it's gone all curly/wavy especially at the front once there's less weight on it - if I had a half decent pic of the front of my mug, I'd put it up haha. And yep that's my natural bitsa hair colour lol

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Wanted to add... At eleven years old... Brooke now cuts my hair too :)

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