Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jamborees & Caramel Apple Crumble...

'Let's make something...' I said to Zeke one day when Brooke and Jake were at school - but what we wanted to make we didn't have the stuff for... hmmm. Then I remembered the 'jamborees' recipe from the Simple Savings Newsletter - brilliant!
One problem... in the cupboard, no white plain flour... only wholemeal plan and self raising white. Oh well, let's experiement LOL. So I did little under half of the required flour in wholemeal plan and a little over the required flour in self raising white. The rest as per the recipe. Have to say it's a great recipe - economical ingredients and used reasonably, and most you'd have on hand. There's a couple of other good recipes in that newsletter I am keen to try. Zeke also had a ball mixing and rolling out his own dough, which we later cooked too.
So here's what they looked like beforehand, and here's the 'after' pics. Next time I will take them out before they brown, for a softer biscuit, but all in all, I think they worked well and will add the recipe to the recipe journal. Also Brooke was busy a couple of days before, making this caramel apple crumble, the recipe from Super Food Ideas issue August 2006. She did very well I think and all at dinner the next night proclaimed it a success!

We also had the chance to have a kick on Subi Oval last weekend, which the kids loved and I got some great photos (most with face in tho so can't share). Saw some 'famous' AFL faces and just generally a good thing to do. We all went and I am pleased we did.

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