Tuesday, May 06, 2008

'Can I Gentle the Baby?'

Sometimes you watch your children, and you see them do something and you just sigh a happy sigh... this afternoon was one of those times. We were waiting at school for an occasion to finish and parents and children alike were sitting or standing by the fence. One of the littler ones (J) who is months old, was sitting on the lap of another Mum, and Zeke came and said to me 'Mummy... can I gentle the baby?' to which I said (because he'd been stacking pebbles from the crushed gravel pile) 'well your hands are really dirty matey... maybe you can 'gentle' the baby's feet'... so he wipes his hands on his pants in preparation, kneels down and gently begins playing with Baby J's feet... then he looks up and says 'she's so cute Mum!'... awww my Zeke... & coincidentally Baby J's Mum and I were pregnant at the same time, when I was pregnant with Brenna. (I did check and G didn't mind that Zeke was 'gentling' Baby J's feet)

And at a party on the weekend, there's my Jake, playing the clown to make little G laugh, and making sure he didn't escape out the door, bringing him back when he did escape, and sharing his lolly bag with him... another 'happy sigh'... it's so awesome to see them being so gentle and caring with littler people, and caring in general, you know?

Also Zeke and I were at the local market grocer when I spotted a coin on the floor, and showed Zeke. He picked it up and without pause, handed it right over to the lady/cashier who was putting our groceries through. She said he could keep it and he turned to me so excited that he had been given this coin...

So for all the times you wonder what you're doing, whether you're doing this or that right with your children, it's those times that you think that even thought it's just them, and they're just like that and deserve all the credit and praise for their actions, that you must be doing something right.

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nice knickers said...

I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again.... Your kids are the sweetest!!

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