Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tomahto... Tomaydo...

I've wanted to make my own pasta sauce for yonks... but the one thing I didn't know enough about was the actual bottling process - and I've heard so many variations that I'm not sure which one to go with. Anyway... made the sauce and for now, I've frozen it, kept the bottles I wanted to use and will read more up on it, purchase lids etc if neccesary and bottle mine next batch. Gives me time to clear out the spare pantry cupboard, which is a good dark and cool place, even in summer.

So... how did the sauce go? Well, I spotted the boxes of tomato at the shop - apparently WW had them for $6.90 a box & the F&V for $6 a box... must be inspiring some competition in WW methinks... Anyway, I went halves in a box of tomato, so about:
  • 3kg(ish) for $3.50.
  • I usually buy Provista Sugo brand pasta sauce, which varies between $3-4 per one litre bottle. I like this brand. From my batch (which began as two stockpot-style pots and ended up as three quarters of one pot),
  • I got between 4.2 and 4.4 litres... which on my rough caluclations is about 80-90c a litre... (is that right? lol)... so I was happy with that and am looking forward to my next lot!
Bonus is the house was nice and warm, not too warm though, just took the chill off the air and smelt good to boot! Flip side is that between the pasta sauce batch, chopping and freezing veges, bulk meal cooking and freezing etc, the freezer is almost at capacity... no room for bread even this week... so the boys and I walked to the deli with Jemma-Dog today and bought the bread from there - $1.80 for a good wholemeal no nasty loaf so can't complain.

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